Are you seriously asking if I’m sure I’ve punched someone out?

Basically, she’s kinda Marvel’s take on Wonder Woman as a latina teenager

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People complain about Wonder Woman *possibly* being turned into a distant Kryptonian to fit the vibe of Man of Steel, but they won’t complain about the fact that she already has the stupidest fucking origin ever.

"Diana was formed out of clay by Hippolyta,…

ACTUALLY.. If I remember.. The clay forming was just a myth, and she is actually the child of Hippolyta and Zeus.? And Hippolyita made up that story so her sisters did not reject her?

That is ONLY the New 52 version by Brian Azzarello (who btw has not had the greatest track history in writing female characters). None of the other versions, (ie post-Crisis reboot by George Perez), including the origin by her creator had such nonsense. 

Baby made out of clay/gifted to Hippolyta by the Goddesses/champion after fighting in tourney = her ‘gun shot/parents dead/pearls.’ Done. End of story. 

I’ll never understand these people who seem to have a problem with Diana’s origin.

Because you cannot get more fucking fundamental an origin story than what is effectively Genesis 2:7 — And Yahweh formed Adam of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul. The whole thing with Diana has to take crashed pilot Stever Trevor back to Man’s World? That’s, effectively, the Fall of Man and the expulsion from Paradise (Island). Only, you know, without the whole angle of God being a colossal dick about human self-awareness.

A massive chunk of the global population is a member of one of the Abrahamic faiths or at least reasonably well aware of their common mythology. Calling Diana’s origin stupid displays either a profound lack of awareness of their own culture, a worrying inability to recognise its roots, or else an unwillingness to accept a woman could be created in that primary manner rather than as an offshoot.

"When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. When you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman."

Quote by Gail Simone.

Credit goes to DCWKA/Sue’s post for this one.

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You know, I’m kinda interested in her batting average on that.

Indeed, it has always been one of Diana’s main problems that quite unlike her fellow members of the Trinity — and pretty much every other non-villainous character — she’s rarely allowed to succeed at her core objective. Which isn’t maintaining the status quo but rather the exact opposite.

To this day I believe Gail made 2 fundamental mistakes in her run on Diana’s title by not having Diana be the one to find her exiled sisters — dear gods, if there was one storyline Diana should have owned, it was that. Instead, we have the whole stupid storyline with Beowulf I think? Then that failure is followed up by having Achilles seen to be blatantly more effective at ending armed conflicts than Diana. I’m certainly strruggling to remember any of Gail’s run where her quote above was put into effect.

What’s galled me for years though is that a single throw-away line in an earlier run gave Hippolyta-as-40s-Wonder-Woman a more enduring effect than Diana herself: she either directly founded or was the inspiration for founding a movement called the Wonder Scouts.

Just think about that for a moment. Scouts and their counterpart Guides have been around since before 1910. Wonder Poly basically impressed enough parents and their daughters that she was either able to operate as part of or successfully compete against the American body of a 30+ year old global movement.

Even if Diana never got to do anything as impressive as that, it’s still a victory for the legacy I guess, so of course it was never mentioned again outside that single montage.

Then there’s the issue of the Amazon womens’ shelters. They may have been mentioned before — I mean, they really are probably the single most obvious and logical way of having Diana and her sisters bring their message of loving support to the world — but the only time can recall them showing up was as part of the plot line where Granny Goddess has secretly replaced Athena and is using them as recruiting centres for new Furies. From memory, they didn’t even show up in Diana’s title, but rather the weekly lead up to Final Crisis.

And don’t get me started on the fact that Batman Inc — a hero inspiring people around the world to take up their mantle — should have been Diana’s story, not Bruce’s.

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I’ve not seen a single thing with her in it, but based on a quick googlesearch my first thought is that I hope she bulks up for the role because she looks somewhat on the frail side to play Diana

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Wonder Woman and Boo Bo COLR FI 72 by Ryviin

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New Live Action Wonder Woman Film Is Up; This Character is Tricky?

A few weeks ago I told you about a Wonder Woman film being made by Rainfall.TV. It debuted today. While only two minutes or so it works well as teaser for the character. It’s really quite baffling to me how the people who own the rights to the character think she’s tricky and yet fans and artists who can think out of the box are able to get the character and easily communicate how compelling she is. 

I feel like I’m the only one who thought this was terrible.

The outfit is pretty cool, but seriously this is all it was? It was a huge let down and considering her canon this could have been much better.

You’re not alone. My feelings are pretty much the same: decent enough take on the costume but the fight choreography was lack lustre, the visuals terribly over produced, the intercutting between the city confrontation and the island odd (as was the whole fur trimmed cloak at the beginning), and the hyperglammed Amazons doing nothing but standing around in flowing white handing Diana a spear instead of being, well, Amazons, just felt out of place. The overall effect was of Diana being in some sort of fugue/dream state.

To be honest, while I applaud the effort put into these films, I find them reductive and generally buying into DC’s 21st Century revision of the character into mostly just another warrior woman whose agenda and presentation generally doesn’t extend much beyond looking good while beating up badguys. That itself is not necessarily a problem — we get it al the time ffrom fan films for other characters such as Batman — but that’s all she’s ever shown as. There’s never any sense of her beyond the generic action piece.

Diana is meant to operate in the same messianic space as Clark and Bruce, providing hope and inspiration and an impetus for change. And that’s one of DC’s biggest problems: they never EVER allow her to own that part of herself. (Batman, Inc, I’m again looking at you: creating a global army like that should have been Diana’s story, not Bruce’s).

And seriously, fuck Superman/Batman as the followup to Man of Steel. If the folks at DC/Warner Brothers can’t think of a way to give Diana her own film, then surely they should be abl to see the value of allowing her to ride to cinematic prominence on Clark’s coat-tails, her arrival in Man’s World from the mythological past the utterly logical reaction/counter point to the globally devastating arrival of Superman and his kin.


Good story, an embracing of the Greek mythology and history, and a Diana that is clearly her own agent. Amazons who are worthy of the name, not in the sense that they’ve amputated a breast, but in the sense that they are not-to-be-fucked-with. Little-to-no romance. A costume that makes more sense. An epic sword fight. A thematic core that addresses the questions of xenophobia v. inclusion, and nature v. nurture, and that takes the core feminism of the concept and instead of apologizing for it or avoiding it, embraces it as a given, so it is simply there, rather than being what it’s about.

Mostly, one that embraces the character rather than apologizes for her.


— Greg Rucka, on what he wants to see in a Wonder Woman movie (via thehappysorceress)

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New Frontier’s Wonder Woman, still my favourite version of the character.

My favorite Wonder Woman moment. 

The best version of Wonder Woman, hands down.

Also, I want to see this Wonder Woman go up against the 10th Doctor and put him in his place, because I can just hear pretty much all of Kal’s lines in David Tennant’s voice.

Because no one else is ever allowed to offer that one chance to anyone, except him. Because he’s the one that knocks.

Though I can also see the 5th Doctor standing there saying “There should have been another way.”


DC Women Kicking Ass: Grant Morrison Wants Teenage Girls and Their Mothers to Read His Wonder Woman



For an original graphic novel that has been in the preparation stages for years and is yet to have a solicit date, there have been lots of interviews. Last week artist Yanick Paquette gave a long interview about the book. And now Grant Morrison has given yet another interview about the book…

Grant Morrison:  It’s not a comic about superheroes punching each other. It’s about the sexes and how we feel about one another, and what a society of women cut off from the rest of the world for 3,000 years might look like-

(Warning rant below and I get off topic)

Okay, okay stop. You know what? THIS is the last thing I want Wonder Woman to be about. The animated 2009 Wonder Woman was good but in retrospect so much of it makes my teeth grind, mostly because of Steve Trevor and this theme. This tumblr quote sums up my feelings nicely.

I don’t like how whenever Wonder Woman or other female heroes have a showcase it’s about reconciliation of the sexes; of women showing men they can fight/deserve respect. Of (and this is a little off topic) asshole men meeting a honest hardworking girl who teaches them to be less of an asshole (cough, Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast) You know what? Let’s not waste any time on men who don’t respect women - let’s not waste time on stories where women learn to forgive the asshole men and see past their flaws and then strangely fall in love with these butts (aint nothing wrong flawed characters but there is trend of a ‘good’ heroines ending up with distinctly jerky guys) - and that is what the Diana/Steve felt like in WW animated.

I don’t want to see anymore men are from mars women from venus, any girls vs boys, and no girls allowed themed stuff and then get told it’s feminist and about women (and those being the only stories ‘about women” that we get.

So many “girl power eps/showcases” are still in fact catered to men or written from a male POV. You want to show girl power? Don’t make a girl power ep but have women doing things in nearly every episode (cough A:TLA). You want to make a feminist telling of wonder woman? Don’t make about the sexes - make it about wonder woman and other women. Don’t write about reconciliation: It’s too close to an apology, too much about men, about how men feel about women and changing how they see women. Fuck that: the problem with this theme is that it’s always lady heroines who get saddled with it. Suddenly it is the job of women characters to appeal to men. Male lead stories don’t have to reconcile a damn thing to their female audiences- and I’m sick of my female leads having to ‘explain’ to men that they ain’t worthless.

A story does not have to about feminism to be feminist.

It can be about women, about female oppression, but what GM is talking about sounds dangerously close to “feminism for men” - about making Wonder Women palatable to men and making women “see” (inevitably, by the end of the story) that not all men are assholes or that, even if they are, you should try to see past their flaws and teach them to be, well, less of an asshole.

I am a teenage girl feminist Grant Morrison, and you don’t have me sold.

That bothered me so much about the Wonder Woman movie.  There have been good comics and other cartoons with Steve Trevor.  I don’t know why they had to make him such a jerkwad, and moreso, why in the world Diana fall for that jerkwad.  I can see tolerating his presence for the sake of her mission, but not much more… just the fact that she had to tone down her feminism and meet the loudmouthed American guy halfway…. bleh bleh bleh. The movie would have been perfect if not for that fact.   And then there’s everything that’s been done to her in the DCnU, having Superman teach her how to have a secret identity, have her falling all over him.  And even in the old post-crisis 1980s Wonder Woman comics, which I liked in general, there was Heracles… who did terrible things to the Amazons which the Amazons also got punished for… having to wear the shackles on their wrists as a reminder for ever allowing themselves to be attacked by him… and then Diana had to rescue him from his prison so that they could forgive him (why?  no) and he would only turn around and continue to be a sleeze in later comics.  If men are utter assholes to women, how about they get no forgiveness or “understanding”. 

We don’t need men to explain feminism to us.  And the fact Morrison is mentioning pornography and Wonder Woman in the same sentence has me nervous as well.

That we’re not getting Wonder Woman written by Greg Rucka who treated the character with respect is a damn shame.  Or here’s a crazy thought, let an actual woman write her (other than Gail Simone, whose run was a little silly for my tastes).

It strikes me that Gail Simone’s run wasn’t so much silly as deeply problematic because I think Jeanette’s contempt for Amazons speaks to Gail’s own feelings about them — Diana was rendered useless in resolving their exile, then oversaw their complete disenfranchiement and replacement by male counterparts under Zeus that resulted in their being ‘fixed’ by having a dual-sexed society forced upon them.

Having had such hopes, seeing what Gail did to them after everything Morrison’s Final Crisis had mandated was absolutely crushing. And now Morrison — self admittedly clueless about Diana to the point he utterly debased her as a mindless thrall of Darkseid while Bruce and Clark took all the glory and plots that should have been hers — has been given control over her.

This was an image used to promote a Pyjama Day event on Friday here in Australia at the Warner Bros. Movie World, with its accompanying text.

Best of Australia: Zanthia Thompson from Wynnum is with Wonder Woman to promote the Pyjama Foundation’s attempt to break a world record for the most number of people in pyjamas as a fundraiser at Movieworld later this month. Picture: Adam Head/Courier Mail

I like that they chose Wonder Woman instead of he-has-a-movie-out-right-now-Superman as their representative hero.
It seems that they’ve only recently updated the character’s costume, as the old one was still in service in 2012.

This was an image used to promote a Pyjama Day event on Friday here in Australia at the Warner Bros. Movie World, with its accompanying text.

Best of Australia: Zanthia Thompson from Wynnum is with Wonder Woman to promote the Pyjama Foundation’s attempt to break a world record for the most number of people in pyjamas as a fundraiser at Movieworld later this month. Picture: Adam Head/Courier Mail

I like that they chose Wonder Woman instead of he-has-a-movie-out-right-now-Superman as their representative hero.

It seems that they’ve only recently updated the character’s costume, as the old one was still in service in 2012.