Man of Steel Trailer with Williams’ Superman Theme

By now you’ve probably seen the new Man of Steel Trailer which as expected dropped earlier today. It was in my opinion much better than the teaser trailer that ran with TDKR earlier this year and not just because it has women seen and heard (and yay for seeing BOTH of Clark’s moms!) or that it had Lois Lane which ALWAYS makes everything that is Superman better, but because it had more action, less fishing and felt more epic.

Here’s the trailer with the original Superman theme by John Williams. See what you think.

Oh, that is soooooooooooooo much better!

I know there are a lot of people who aren’t fans of superman, but it really narks me how poorly he’s been treated in the last decade.

Brandon Routh was a perfectly fine Superman but he had the misfortune to be cast in a sequel to a movie some 2 generations past that built upon (yet didn’t actually reference for those who hadn’t seen Donner’s Superman 2) that horrible moment where Superman ruffies Lois, which had the effect of turning the Man of Steel into (1) a dead beat dad, and (2) from Lois’ point of view, something akin to a rapist because somehow she’s wound up having Superman’s kid without any sort of memory or awareness of having done the deed willingly or otherwise.

In a similar vein, the Superman of Young Justice is a cold bastard towards Superboy — the closest thing he has to a blood relative and fellow kryptonian so far in this universe — for the entirity of the 1st season. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was interesting in and of itself to have Superman be very clearly thrown by the existence of a son he never knew about. But it’s a very close parallel to Lois’ predicament from Superman Returns.

Heck, even Smallville's Clark was sometimes pretty epically doucheworthy towards his friends, demanding a level of emotional transparency and openess of them he would rarely return. Especially Lex. The episode where he breaks out of Bellereeve and finds out that Clark's been lying to him this whole time before the big red reset button got hit was utterly heartbreaking.

And while the script likely predates the kinda arsehatish stalkerishly-obsessed-with-a-Lois-who-is-dating-someone-else version from the recent comics reboot, the existence of all three of these things within the last decade make the retelling of Clark’s origin and the establishment of his moral code that we’re seeing in this movie an absolute necessity.

Superman is aspirational, really. A figure of hope. The original music of that trailer though isn’t hopeful or exciting. It’s reverent — ponderously, religiously so. And that’s a mistake of epic proportions because while Superman is godlike, his ideal of a good life is to be one of us. The William’s score captures that perfectly, that hope that while we start from something small, we can all be inspired to become something great.